Alchemize Yourself in Gold Frequency

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Gold Activates the Energy of the Higher Chakras

When these are activated one's ability to connect with and receive information from the higher realms of consciousness increases.

Gold is also a master healer that brings your energy into balance.

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The Gold-Amethyst combo connects you with and allows you to embody the truth of who you really are, an infinite, abundant divine being living in a limitless reality.

Amethyst is a Stone of Spiritual Growth and Advancement

It facilitates the transmutation of lower-frequency energies into higher frequencies on both the spiritual and energetic levels.

Amethyst is a stone that assists with meditation, being excellent in conducting the energy of deep contemplative awareness.

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Gold-Plated Amethyst Process



We source our amethyst from a family-owned mine in Uraguay that produces some of the finest non-treated amethyst worldwide.

Sanding each Amethyst creates a smooth exterior surface so the plating process can produce an exterior gold finish.

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The combination strips away your illusions and opens you up to the true connection of Self to Source.

A Charge of Energy

Since Amethyst is an organic element and can't hold an electronic charge, it needs to go through an additional process to allow the plating process to take place.

The finished product is truly an inspiring piece of art that will illuminate and elevate any space!

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