Owners of Mined Goodes
Owners of Mined Goodes

About Us

We are a dedicated wife and husband team that created Mined Goodes to bring our individually batched gold-plated amethysts to the world. Having fine tuned the process of wrapping AAA-grade amethyst with a thick layer of 24k gold, our business was established in 2023.

Alyse and Matt have been together since 2009 and married in 2013. We are raising two little(ish) humans, Levi and Hazel along with their Husky, Captain Noah in the city of Philadelphia, PA. Alyse, who once was a school counselor in the Philadelphia Public School system has dedicated her life to coaching entrepreneurial women by helping them clear their trauma to accelerate their business goals at Alyse Breathes.

Matt is a serial entrepreneur who first discovered the wonder and beauty of the mineral world in the mid-90s. He's created a few businesses that incorporated gems and minerals into the business, but Mined Goodes is the first endeavor  where his artistic side is taking the lead. Matt was strongly guided to create gold plated amethysts to alchemize the energy of the already powerful amethyst into something even more potent and unique.

Large amethyst crystal with gift bag


Gold-Plated Amethysts

Our Gold-Plated Amethysts are produced in micro-batches in Philadelphia, PA where the process has over a dozen steps that bring you an incredibly sacred piece of art and beauty. The combination of Amethyst and Gold strips away your Illusions and opens you up to the true connection of Self to Source

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coconut wax blend

Candle with Amethyst Cluster

Mined Goodes in-house produced candles have an amazing aroma of either White Birch or Sage & Lavender scent. Affixed to the candle's lid is a beautiful amethyst cluster that can easily be pulled off when you're done burning your candle. Each candle is made with a coconut wax blend that smells phenomenal and can burn for 40 - 50 hours!

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Amethyst cluster coconut oil wax candles

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