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24k gold plated amethyst crystal and white birch scented candle
24k gold plated amethyst crystal and white birch scented candle
24k gold plated amethyst crystal


Gold-Plated Amethysts

Our Gold-Plated Amethysts are produced in micro-batches in Philadelphia, PA where the process has over a dozen steps that bring you an incredibly sacred piece of art and beauty. The combination of Amethyst and Gold strips away your Illusions and opens you up to the true connection of Self to Source

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Coconut Wax Blend

Amethyst Cluster Candle

Mined Goodes in-house produced candles have an amazing aroma of either White Birch or Sage & Lavender scent. Affixed to the candle's lid is a beautiful amethyst cluster that can easily be pulled off when you're done burning your candle. Each candle is made with a coconut wax blend that smells phenomenal and can burn for 40 - 50 hours!

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Sage and lavender candle with amethyst cluster

Founders Seen In

Build A Gift Box

Need a Gift?

Have a client or friend that you need a gift for? Maybe you just want to get yourself something special!

Personalize Gift

We offer an excellent selection of curated gift boxes you can choose styles that personalize your gift box.

Include a Message

Make it personal with a hand-typed message in a card that's front and center with a hand-tied combo of selenite and quartz sitting on top.

Birthday gift box with zodiac plate, zodiac crystals, and amethyst candle

Birthday Box

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Gratitude journal gift box

Gratitude Box

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Crystal gift box

Crystal Box

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White sage and manifest journal gift box

Manifest Box

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Relaxation gift box with essential oils

Relaxation Box

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x Gifting Partners

Coaches and Retreat Leaders!

Are you a coach or retreat leader that's looking to stand out from the crowd? Mined Goodes wants to be your gifting partner to elevate your business to new heights by creating a gifting program that your clients will love and feel the connection right from the start!

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