Essential Oil Cards: Everyone Edition-56 Cards w/ Holder

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No matter what brand of oils you love, these essential oil cards are going to give you a beautiful, fun way to make sure you're getting the most out of your essential oil investment.

Not only will they teach you the basics about the most commonly used oils, but they'll also give you a great conversation tool! Each card is laminated and oil-resistant. The box includes a flexible, metal ring to hold all the cards together so that they can go wherever you go.

Each box has 56 cards that include information on the most commonly used oils. And they're the perfect size to go wherever your oils go - making it easy to share with your friends, family, a fellow yogi, or anyone in your life. there are also a few game ideas for your next class or party.

Each card features the name of the essential oil and a saying to help you on the front. the back lists 3 to 4 benefits of each oil, symbols to easily show how you can use the oils along with a list of other oils that blend and diffuse well together.

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