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Who Doesn't appreciate a special birthday present?!


Give a Birthday Gift That They'll Vibe With!

Sometimes getting gifts for friends can be a bit stressful. Let the Mined Goodes Birthday Box ease the pain of gift giving! You can customize each item when you build the box...

Versatile and portable for use at home and on the go, these zodiac trinket dishes are perfectly suited for safeguarding your favorite pieces of jewelry in the bathroom or on your bedside nightstand.

Comes in an attractive gift box perfect for your birthday, anniversary, graduation or any special occasion. To remind your person to shoot for the stars.

Made using a lead-free glaze these plates are non-toxic and safe for hand-washing. Gold accents within the dish depict her zodiac constellation in the starry sky.

Each dish measures approximately 3” in diameter and holds several rings, pocket change, and other trinkets.


Unlock the cosmic power of your zodiac sign with our specially curated crystal kits! Each kit is tailored to align with the unique traits and characteristics of your astrological sign, providing a powerful tool for self-discovery and spiritual growth.

With crystals chosen for their specific properties and energies, you’ll be able to harness the strengths of your sign and overcome any obstacles. Whether you’re a curious beginner or an experienced practitioner, our kits make it easy to start your journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth today.


Our Mined Goodes coconut wax candle, along with a piece of selenite and quartz point will assist in setting the mood everytime you want to transport to a new realm.


Each box comes with 16 natural incense cones specifically made for that zodiac that you're friend will love!. 


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Coaches and Retreat Leaders!

Are you a coach or retreat leader that's looking to stand out from the crowd? Mined Goodes wants to be your gifting partner to elevate your business to new heights by creating a gifting program that your clients will love and feel the connection right from the start!

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