Relaxation Box

Melt your worries and stress away with our Relaxation Box! As with all of our boxes, you'll receive our Mined Goodes coconut wax blend candle that has an awesome amethyst cluster on top! This cluster can either be left on the lid or pulled off to enjoy somewhere amongst your other crystals or by a house plant. We also include a piece of selenite and a quartz point to elevate the magic of our boxes!

You'll receive a 56-card essential oil card deck. These laminated and oil-resistant cards are held together by a metal ring or you can keep them in the box. Each card features the name of the essential oil and a saying to help you on the front. the back lists 3 to 4 benefits of each oil, symbols to easily show how you can use the oils along with a list of other oils that blend and diffuse well together.

To assist you in slipping into relaxation mode you'll also receive a lavender eye pillow  These eye pillows are made of 100% cotton exterior, and are padded with flannel for a soft feel. The interior is made of long-grain rice, organic dried lavender buds, and organic Bulgarian lavender essential oil. 

Use at room temperature or microwave briefly for approximately 20 seconds to provide warm soothing relief and diffuse organic lavender essential oil aromatherapy. Keep in the freezer as a cool therapy to help with muscle pain and puffy eyes. Spot clean as needed. To refresh the scent, add lavender oil to one or to all of the corners.

Mined Goodes Relaxation Box