Manifest Box

Looking to create something special in your life?! The power of manifesting is deeper than just thinking and receiving. Putting thoughts to a page, elevating your thought process, and bringing all the magic the universe has in store for you is essential for pulling all that you desire into your life.

Manifesting: a day and night reflection journal is a conscious tool to help you identify and build habits of manifesting anything you want to bring into your life. Designed as a 90-day support system, each daily spread includes a morning practice for reflecting on what you want to manifest, how it makes you feel, and the actions you can take to make it happen; and an evening practice to reflect on the process and to express gratitude for what you have received along your journey.

To assist in your new daily manifestation process each box includes a premium quality hand-harvested and tied California white sage bundle with either organic pink sunflowers or palo santo. A mini ceramic plate (4" diameter) will keep your sage safe, while a well-crafted matchbook will get your sage lit.

As always, our Mined Goodes coconut wax blend candle will set the mood just right to get your thoughts and energies flowing!